Version 1.2 (Submitted to the Unreal Engine Marketplace on 05/28/2023) - Fixed a bug causing Cone attacks to only use StatisticChangeID 0. - Fixed a bug with AI forced casts on Resource % Transitions - Added cast start location/rotation to AI Forced Cast - Fixed a bug causing spawned AI to not get their owner's alliance set - Fixed a single player bug with AOE; the wrong Action Single is used for the VFX - Additional QA on AI rotations: Defense, Engage, Buff, Heal, Debuff, Offense - Added ActionOwner / ActionTarget corrections to Passive Action Spawns - Bug with the 45 degree isometric view not setting the camera properly - Folder structure changes in Demo (Mannequin_UE4 & Mannequin_UE5) - UE5 Mannequin Imported & Setup with Vertical Third (Kitbash not included yet) - IKRig and IKRetarget setup for both UE4 and UE5 Mannequin - Control Rig setup for UE4 and UE5 Mannequin - Character Master restructure: Kitbash Cosmetics moved to a child blueprint, separate non-kitbash child created - Additional variables created in the V3RD_Player_Master to make it easier to set default values on child blueprints for Targeting Mode, Movement Mode, Perspective Mode, Crosshair Visibility, Always Show Mouse & Targeting Sticky - In the V3RD_Player_Master Movement Component, changed the default settings of Snap to Plane at Start to TRUE and Plane Constraint to Y Axis. Constrain to Plane remains off by default but is enabled in Sidescroller Perspective - Level_Example_Game will be focused as a 'modable' level with the intention to be a starting point for a game. - Level_Example_Game has the Sniper Lounge, Arena and Sidescroller removed (placed in to a different level) - New Level: Level_Example_Sidescroller - New Level: Level_ControlRig_Animate - New Level: Level_Combat_Arena - Added a V3RD_Sidescroller bool to the Character_AI_Master to have Constrain to a Plane - Added GroundTargetLocation and ActionOwnerRotation to the V3RD_Interface_Override. This lets you use the TargetHelper + Override functionality. - TargetHelper default Sphere, Cube, Cylinder shapes were not set to Nanite Disabled (to allow transparency). - Dodge added to mobility actions. Burst of movement with gravity compared to Dash - burst of movement without gravity. Animation blendspace has been setup for a direction roll with a temporary animation. - AI: Added an option to strafe Left/Right/Back/Forward for after an attack. Disables Orient Rotation to Movement. - Added a value check for equipping items (for use to check for character class restrictions, rogue, mage, warrior, ect) - In ActorComponent_Targeting deleted fV3RD_TargetHelper_On, fV3RD_TargetHelper_Off as they had been replaced with interface functions - Fixed a bug for isometric perspectives that prevent the TargetHelper from tracing from the mouse location. - Added "Look At Rotation" to rotate the player toward the Target Helper location, when a ground target is selected for a cast. - Added mouse targeting for fV3RD_Calculate_Targeting in SceneComponent_Action, adjustments made in ActorComponent_Input - New Statistic on ActorComponent_Statistic: Magic Find. In a Loot Table (Character) you set Loot Slots. Magic Find will increase each of these rates with a 1:1 ratio. It will use a 0 - 1 scale; 1 = 100%, 0.1 = 10%, 0.01 = 1%. A small example would be "Commons: 80%, Uncommon, 10%, Rare 5%, Epic 1%, Legendary 0.1%". A Magic Find value of 0.05 will increase all Loot Slots chance to drop by 5%. - MagicFind_Ratio has also been added. This allows the designer to reduce MagicFind value for Legendary drops. (MagicFind * Magic_FindRatio) + DropChance Base = Final DropChance. Commons drops could receive 100% of MagicFind value while Legendary drops only receive 25% of MagicFind value. - MagicFind will not apply to quest drops - Main-Hand equipment can now be equipped in the Off-Hand slot (excluding two-handed weapons) - Equip code cleaned up by adding new functions; fV3RD_Equip_Request_Validate_Ring_Swap, fV3RD_Equip_Request_Validate_Weapon_Swap, fV3RD_Equip_Request_Validate_Weapon, fV3RD_Equip_Request_Validate_Ring - Added Cooldown Reduction as a Statistic in ActorComponent_Statistic - CastSpeed now affects animation time - Changed how CastSpeed_Actions and CastSpeed_Auto are calculated - Changed how CastSpeed_Actions and CastSpeed_Auto max clamp increased to 4 - Bug Fix: Set Statistic had CastSpeed_Actions and CastSpeed_Auto reverse - ActorComponent_Statistics : Inf_V3RD_Set_Statistics : Additional CastSpeed Comments - The first cast delay in an action chain will be modified by the character's CastSpeed. The first delay is also used to help match animations with the spawned action. - Input Lock is now affected by CastSpeed - Action System: Added a randomized Cast Location offset option - Empower has been added as a Passive Action (In the Action_Data, set passive activation to Empower, use the empower array in Action_Data to setup details) - Note: Passive Actions are already compatible with Equipment - Empower modifiers changed: Damage, Duration, Critical Strike Chance, Critical Strike Damage. - Empower Names will only apply to specific Statistic Change names (not action names) - Empower can be set to Unlimited to not use stacks ( empower previously was a buff only effect with stacks) - Empower allows specific Statistic Changes from abilities to gain +Damage %, +Duration %, +Critical Strike Chance, +Critical Strike Damage - Empower has stacking options, you can choose to have all applications of Empower stack together or take the highest value of each empower - Added a Knockdown statistic for crowd control - Tooltips now show if an item give an Action, Action Kit or Passive. - Tooltips now automatically offset the description position based on the number of statistics or actions on an item. - Added World Location to TargetMethod to use in combination with CastLocation - World (otherwise the location gets transformed incorrectly) - Bug Fix: Spawned Actors from NPCs not being set as the proper alliance - Bug Fix: StatisticChanges - FormChange KitChange is not granting passives. - Beam damage was incorrectly set to "Use Custom Action Set" causing a crash (fV3RD_Beam_Damage, fV3RD_Initialize_Statistic_Change) - Small alterations to StaticMesh_Cylinder_Beam and NiagaraDynamicInputScript_BeamLength for a more accurate beam length when scaling to high values - Small alterations to NiagaraSystem_AOE_Volume for a more accurate VFX when scaling - New folder "T09_Boss_Action_Combat" with additional examples of AI Boss combat design - Bug Fix: fV3RD_Cone_Trace had the MultiSphereTraceByChannel set to TopDownSelect, supposed to be TargetLock - New ActorSpawn Object: Traps. As part of the Action Combat Rogue Class Design I created a trap object that becomes active after 3 seconds. After 3 seconds the trap is activated, when an enemy and/or ally (based on settings) walks over the radius it will trigger the trap. This will spawn the chosen Action DataTable. - New Assets: Skeletal Mesh & Static Mesh breakdown of Manny & Quinn (UE5 Character Model) - New Assets: Vertical Third UE4 Animations Retargeted to Manny & Quinn (UE5 Character Model) - Pre-requisite setup in preparation for Manny & Quinn, MetaHuman cosmetic system. These will not be fully tested at the launch of 1.2 but will be planned in a release soon after. - Re-enabled AI fail path (checks for velocity before adding to the ai fail count) - Minor polish adjustments for regeneration calculations for the server and client to be in sync Version 1.1.1 (Released on 01/06/2023) - Actor Component Input: ceV3RD_Input_Action - Release Delay increased from 0.25 to 0.35 for more polish on buff removal when canceling channeled actions. - Action Combat Example: Action_Passive_Block_EnemyAction_StunOnNoStamina we can add two Purge Statistic Changes to remove Block Enabled and Block Pause Stamina buffs. Additional polish to never have an unlimited stun edge case. - Combat Testing Tools not showing DataTables: Widget_Action_Design_Tool & Widget_Example_Area_AI_Spawn_Tool : After event construct, change the "Make TopLevelAssetPath" inputs to "/Script/Engine" and "DataTable". - Added a Profile Visibility check on Zoom In/Zoom Out (scroll wheel). If the profile window is open, it will not Zoom in on the character. - Fixed a bug preventing instant statistic changes from applying VFX and SFX - Temporarily disabled AI Fail Count Partial Path in ActorComponent_AI_Movement (Inf_V3RD_AI_Move_To). Causing early reset of AI when kiting. - Added V3RD_Enabled_Kitbash_Slots to ActorComponent_MeshVFX. Removes a step outlined in the Animation Retarget how-to video. Allows child classes to disable Kitbash Cosmetics for specific slots. - In Widget_ScrollingCombatText added optional SFX to be played based on hit, crit, dodge, parry, miss, resist, block (woosh sound by default, disabled on hit/crit) - Added resource cost/grant to auto actions Version 1.1 (Released on 12/24/2022) - Added all gun weapons to the Example Game Level (unlimited ammo versions) - Added a team swap node to the Example Game Level - Game option menu has the correct default perspective mode, targeting mode and movement mode - Set skeletal mesh cosmetic components to "Use Attach Parent" bounds for AI, NPC and Player Characters - Performance change but also a fix for true first person perspective to see mannequin arms/hands - Set first person perspective camera location / rotation settings back to the correct values - Grenades sometimes do not replicate properly, players that did not cast the action see them fall to the ground (replicated issue with the action master and physics) - required separating physics container projectile for damping and bouncing projectiles - Typing causes game keybind input (chat show input set input ui only // on text commited, chat entry, set input to game only (if always show mouse is off) - Always show mouse is blocking click to move (moved set input game only to check for always show mouse first) - default Rockets don't hit the world (hitbox was too big) - Added spectator mode (esc menu) - Added restart character option (esc menu) - added UI updates on actor component begin play for Inventory, Quest and Crafting to reset the UI after a "restart character" to reset the UI - Added blocking volumes for the world boundary to the Example Game Level - Added client & server death checks for consumable, equip, move, destroy and drop requests (stops these actions if you are dead) - Renamed target dummies in the Example Game (world outliner display name) - Dieing while stunned results in perma stun on respawn (remove all statistics before clearing the Positive & Negative Statistic Change arrays) - Increased Action Error fade duration - Increased fade delay when an action is interrupted or canceled (from .25 to 2) - Fixed Cast Bar widget fade animation - Crown material wasn't built for some reason (opened crown and let the material build automatically) - Interrupt stat change needed server side code (added in change statistic modify) - Reworked chat messages to have the server authoritative player names that are not character dependent (fixes spectators having no names while chatting) - Make sure quest rewards and objectives are clear (set rewards text to orange) - Reworked Healer AOE Spell VFX slightly - Isometric view has been re-worked to true isometric - click to move hit channel changed to top down select - mouse scroll zooms in/out for isometric - Cleaned up / simplified targeting mode code - Added sticky targeting to game options - Equipment update fix (wrong stat component) - Equipment RPC to update statistics fix - Resource regeneration fixed - Channeled actions now remove any buffs/debuffs they grant to the owner when they end or are interrupted - Fixed player rotate to target in channeled settings - Removed auto update button on statistics (auto update is now always on) - add button at menu for the example level - In Widget Character Statistics added a name converter from the internal enum name to an editable list - jumping with a gun will not trigger the animation on the top half of the body which moves the bullet/hit trace spawn location - redesigned the example game starting area - added a duel arena - added a sniper shootout range - added a basic side scroller platform - added a perspective change platform - added additional comments, tooltips, category sorting (functions & variables) to various blueprints - cleaned up some unused functions and variables - when default game options are set, update the game menu - add child variables for game options - Hit X for the rest action while walking will apply the buff and not remove it - added a .25 initial start delay to the V3RD_Interrupt_Velocity_Check_Initialize_Timer on the ActorComponent_Input blueprint - Channeled actions do not activate input lock - added input lock code to the channeled section - Profile window button tooltips now use a StringTable word (localization) - Tooltip window has been removed from the profile window and is now located in the root widget. This change is to allow other windows to access the tooltip window. - Show tooltip no longer has a middle interface that went through the profile window. Tooltip references are saved as an object variable and interface messages are sent directly through this variable. - In the Tooltip window, merged fV3RD_Set_Tooltip_Data with Inf_V3RD_Tooltip_Set_Data for more readability. - Tooltip now updates its position every tick when shown. New position calculation to find an appropriate position based on current mouse position and max resolution. - V3RD_Equipment, V3RD_Quest and V3RD_Ingredient bool variables have been removed from the Widget_Inventory_Slot and replaced with an enumeration V3RD_Slot_Type - Added a function library to convert enumeration statistic names to a readable UI name. - Added a function library to convert 0 - 1 ratio values to a readable UI 0% - 100% value. - Added function libraries to the Widget_Character_Statistics - Simplified code in Widget_Character_Statistics_Object - Tooltip window now has a WidgetSwitcher to change based on the hover target (Action, Inventory, Talent/Progression Object) - Action Icons now receive the Action Data through the Set Action Information interface message instead of only select user interface information. This allows full tooltip data to be displayed. - Action Icons now have a button for hover functionality for tooltips. - Renamed the Widget_ActionBar to Widget_Action_Bar - Re-bound Scoreboard widget to F1 instead of TAB - Added a tab input action for enemy target cycling (and to the the keybind window) - Added a left-alt input action for ally target cycling (and to the the keybind window) - Tooltip now displays labels on inventory tabs / close button - Action List tab added to the profile window - Progression tab added to the profile window - New Feature: Progression System (Talents/Skill Graphs) - New Feature: Action List - New Passive: Health Resource Percent Target - Activated after damage, checks if target's health is below a set percent. If it is, spawn an action - New Passive: Primary Resource Percent Target - Activated after damage, checks if target's primary resource is below a set percent. If it is, spawn an action - New Passive: Secondary Resource Percent Target - Activated after damage, checks if target's secondary resource is below a set percent. If it is, spawn an action - New Passive: Tertiary Resource Percent Target - Activated after damage, checks if target's tertiary resource is below a set percent. If it is, spawn an action - V3RD_Default_Perspective variable added to the Character_Player_Master. This allows child blueprints to change their default perspective. - V3RD_Default_Targeting variable added to the Character_Player_Master. This allows child blueprints to change their default targeting. - New Feature: Team Window. Invite other players in to your team. Default limit is 8 but can be changed with a simple integer variable. - V3RD_Change_Statistic_Modify - removed chance to block on tick damage. Prevents blocking damage over time values. - Target Dummy Example Display now spawns an Action Kit: Direct Target - Reload for guns now triggers automatically when ammo clip reaches 0 - Some small changes for gun/shooting polish & feel - all statistics now have a corresponding base variable. When a character is initialized, the base values will be added to the current values - base values removed from the Statistics_All enum as they should not be changed during runtime (setup as defaults in a child class) - Renamed Resist_Lightning to Resist_Eelctric (avoids mistakes with Resist_Light) - Statistics now update properly on clients - Additional polish on Purge code - New Actor: PlayerStart_Override - place this actor in the world, set your starting class pawn and it will teleport your character to its location. - New sidescroller area built in to the example game map. Part of our re-design on the example game to display different perspectives. - Fixed a bug with AI nameplates not showing their level - Team Window: Being in a team will share kill experience to other players within 8000 units - Example Game: Warrior now has a backstab and skyslam as part of the default action kit - Example Game: Mage now has a channeled explosion as part of the default action kit - Loot Component has a sidescroller option to only drop on the X axis - Bug Fix: Experience bar not updating the next level's max experience - Bug Fix: Homing projectile's spawning inside a target's hitbox would not hit - Bug Fix: Respawning after a death will turn on a player's nameplate. Removed this for your controlled character. - Loot Change: 3D Scale renamed to Loot Scale, now also affects 2D loot instead of just 3D loot (2D loot had their DataTable adjusted to reflect this, default size is 0.2) - Additional polish on AI reset code Version 1.0 (Released on 06/06/2022) - Official Launch!